Sunday, February 21, 2010


Fear, a word not associated with good experiences. My biggest fear when I was younger had to be heights to this day I hate flying and rollar coasters. This fear of mine had started ever since I can remember; and having to fly a lot this does not help. I was about six years old and I was heading onto my fist plane ride. Most kids would get excited for a new adventure, but I was so nervous. At first I hated being in the air, but now I pass my time reading, sleeping or listening to music. Doing some of these activities air time goes by fast. I remember for my fist take off I put my feet on my seat, head into my kness and put my hood over my head. I hate being so high up with little below to fall on. Normally to takle this fear, I calm myself, now I look forward to flying. In the novel Lord of the Flies, the fear of heights is not shown but I did notice fear. Fear is constent in the novel. Im pretty sure that the boys would be fearful of flying since it was their plane that crashed and landed them in this mess.